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SilverChef Finance


McDonalds Wholesalers partners with SilverChef to provide quick, easy & flexible finance solutions for hospitality equipment through the incredibly beneficial Rent-Try-Buy Program (which you can click here to learn more about).


Get $65,000.00 approved for hospitality equipment in under five minutes* low docs, no financials and new ABN’s welcome to apply.

*Terms & Conditions apply


You could be placing your equipment order today without the high upfront capital outlay.


Want to know more? Contact Gary Hughes - Sales & Business Development Manager

(Ph: 0408 977 954 or Email: garyh@mcdonaldswholesalers.com.au

Who this financing is for...

For new and emerging businesses that

  • Are looking to maintain cash when there's more going out of the business than what's coming in.
  • Want to try equipment before commiting to a big purchase they are unsure about.
  • Looking for flexibility around upgrading, buying and returning equipment as their business evolves.

For well established businesses that

  • Want to upgrade their used equipment whilst mainting their cash flow.
  • Looking to quickly replace broken-down equipment to minimise down-time experienced.
  • Are wanting to to try new equipment they are unaquainted with to ensure its suitablity to their needs

The Benefits of using SilverChef


Our team at McDonalds Wholesalers understand the ever changing nature of the hospitality industry and have developed a solution to ensure you have access to the equipment your business needs to be successful at all times. This finance option is made to be, simple, easy and convenient for your business.


Whether you are planning a complete refurbishment, new fitout or just need to obtain a few items…. the benefits of funding your equipment with us through SilverChef are clear:


Flexible options to suit you!

  • Short term contract, 1 year, return the equipment after that with no penalty
  • Upgrade anytime if you outgrow the equipment
  • Continue renting indefinetely
  • Purchase at anytime 
  • Roll over into our long term offer after the first year and reduce your weekly payments by 30%!!


Save your capital to run your business!

  • Preserve your all-important cash to run the business, as you know unforeseen expenses do crop up - especially in the first 12 months!


Get what you need today!

  • Finance the business critical assets you really need rather than having to compromise on quality and price to work within your cash budget!


Reduce your tax bill

  • SilverChef's low weekly payments are 100% tax deductible!


Reduce your risks

  • SilverChef's flexible options enable you to purchase an asset only when you are certain it's the right fit for your business. If you need to, you can always return the asset after 12 months.


Use the equipment to produce profit

  • Owning a depreciating asset may not be the best option.


Off balance sheet financing

  • Don't affect your ability to borrow from traditional lenders for either your personal use or future building upgrades for the business.

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